Unhappy Franchisee: 10 Hottest Topics

unhappybutt100Unhappy Franchisee is a website where franchisees, franchisors, franchise industry professionals and some individuals with an unhealthy preoccupation with franchising get together to disclose, discuss and debate the hidden world of franchise owner discontent.

Active disputes currently on UnhappyFranchisee.com:

Children’s Orchard:  Franchisees of a troubled chain started a negative website to get their franchisor’s attention.  Unfortunately, the attention is coming in the form of lawsuits – four so far this year.

Play N Trade:  If business is like a video game, franchisees complain the PnT franchisor has been using cheat codes to zap’m with an non-viable business model.  The state of California agrees.

Curves for Women:  Franchisees claim franchises are closing left and right.  The franchisor resells the territory while squeezing every last dollar from the failed owners.  Pretty ugly, if true.

Cuppy’s Coffee:  Ripped-off franchisees pursue the purported wrong-doers to the ends of the Earth (ie Muscle Shoals, AL)

ActionCoachBrad Sugars is battling his detractors on the search engines.  He hates it when people link to negative stuff using his name, Brad Sugars.

Other hot topics include Quiznos Sub, Sports Clips, Make & Take Gourmet, Cork & Olive, & Geeks on Call.


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