UPS STORE Franchisee Found Success

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Owners call the UPS Store Franchise “Indentured Servitude,” and “A Nightmare”

Most of the comments we receive on The UPS Store franchise opportunity are negative.  Some are from disgruntled franchisees who regret their decision and/or contend that the business model is flawed;  others are commenting on the status of one of the many lawsuits launched against the franchisor and its parent..

However, on 2009/09/19 at 12:38pm PrestonF contends that his The UPS Store franchise is so successful he and his partners are planning to expand with more locations.  PrestonF writes:

I have owned a UPS Store for 3 years and it broke even in 18 months.

At the end of the 3rd year each owner (2 of us) were paying over $5000.00 in general expenses, such as cell phones, travel, dinners, etc… plus we paid each owner $5000.00 each in owner dividends.

We anticipate paying owner dividends of $10,000.00 at the end of this year. Our basic investment was $200,000.00 and believe at the growth rate we are having we will make back our original investment in 5 to 7 years, plus covering many out-of-pocket expensed that we were paying out of our personal pockets in the past.

Because of our success we have now purchased a second store in our market and think it will meet with the same level of success. It is important that the owners stay involved in their stores and get our in the local community and neighborhood and make sales calls and market the store.

Success comes from hard work not standing behind the counter.


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