Who’s Phonier? Haagen-Dazs? Ben & Jerry’s?

Check out this post on Ben & Jerry’s at Franchisor Marketing.  It’s pretty funny.

Seems that Ben & Jerry’s has built it’s brand, in no small part, by slamming rival Haagen-Dazs for being a phony corporate brand with a made-up pseudo-Scandinavian that means… nothing.


A current Ben & Jerry’s email campaign (subject line: A pint is still a pint!) blasts Haagen-Dazs for dropping the size of its “pint” container from 16 oz. to 14 oz.

But, really, which brand is being more devious here?

Ben & Jerry’s gives the impression that Haagen-Dazs is trying to pull a fast one.  In reality, Haagen-Dazs isn’t calling the 14 oz. container a “pint.”  Furthermore, they announced the change in advance via press releases and on their website.

[Pictured:  Ben & Jerry’s Co-founder Jerry Greenfield]

It’s ironicly humorous that Ben & Jerry’s continues to position itself as the underdog hippy David pitted against the effete corporate goliath of Haagen-Dazs.  It’s been nearly a decade since Ben & Jerry’s once-hippy owners sold out to multinational corporate behemoth Unilever.

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photo credit: chris friese License:  Creative Commons