WORDLESS WEDNESDAY: Signs of Discontent

Lesson 1: Think twice before you cross the people who have the long suction cup pole and spare letters to your motel marquis.

The sign at the right was allegedly created by the unhappy and unpaid employees of the DuBois, PA Clarion Inn shortly before they walked off the job and caused franchisee Kronos Hotels to lock the doors.

Tip of the hat to the Kronos Hotels protest site for the story and permission to post the picture.

Lesson 2:  Think twice before you cross franchise owners with access to paper, tape and a Sharpie.

The photo below shows a sign in a closed Quiznos franchise in Chicago.

It reads:  This store is closed due to corp. incompetence.  The owner is suing the corp. for clasic [sic] fraud… 3 Quiznos stores in 4 blocks!  This is the way how the corp. does business.

The picture was taken by Rude Zombie July 13, 2007, but now lives for eternity on Flickr.comflickr.com.photos.rudezombie



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Clarion Inn photo credit: Kronos Hotels protest site.  Used by permission.

Quiznos photo credit: RudeZombie License:  Creative Commons

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