GEEKS ON CALL: Franchisee Applauds HQ Move

geek squad_featComments posted here and on Unhappy Franchisee reported that the franchisor of Geeks on Call had closed the corporate office.  (Read GEEKS ON CALL: Latest Franchise Rumors, Allegations, GEEKS ON CALL: Franchise HQ Closed?)

Shep Bostin, Chairman, Geeks On Call Franchise Advisory Council and Franchise Owner and Managing Geek, Montgomery and Frederick Counties in Maryland, quickly posted a comment that there was nothing suspicious or negative about the office closing, that it was both pre-announced and a responsible cost-cutting measure.

Shep Bostin wrote:

The comments above, which may very well be from the same person under a variety of pseudonyms, are almost certainly from disgruntled franchise owner(s). While these people may have good reasons to be disgruntled, their comments about the office move contain innuendo, conjecture, and just plain falsehoods.

Geeks On Call did not move in the “darkness of night”. They moved on a Sunday evening because that’s the only night that the call center is not open until midnight. They also announced the move to their franchisees days before it was made. The address of their new offices was also announced, and a couple of franchisees have already visited them there. Since they have only a handful of full time (other than call center) staff, they no longer need the expansive digs on Kempsville Road and, with a greatly reduced income stream, can’t afford to keep them anyway. Moving the computer systems actually improved the reliability of the system since the computers are now in a facility with 24/7 monitoring and redundant connectivity and power – all of which were extremely costly to provide in the old office.

The move is the same sort of cost-cutting effort that many companies have engaged in during the recent economic downturn, which is why commercial real estate companies are hurting. It doesn’t mean GOC is closing their doors. Rather, it is precisely the kind of move that wise franchisees applaud because it keeps more operating funds focused on building our businesses than paying rent.

I’m confident that Geek Expert / Dick Artese / X Geek Stockholder will post some long-winded, manic reply to this message, but at least his version of events will not stand as the only “truth” posted to the Internet on this topic.

Shep Bostin, Chairman, Geeks On Call Franchise Advisory Council
Franchise Owner and Managing Geek,
Montgomery and Frederick Counties in Maryland
1-800-905-GEEK –

P.S. Unlike the other commenters above, I am courageous enough to share my name.

Geeks on Call news, rumors, opinions and comments continue to come in regarding this once-promising and now-troubled franchise company.  The comments below appeared recently on Franchise Pick blog posts Geeks On Call (GOCHE) Troubles Deepen and GEEKS ON CALL: Franchisee Geeks Squeal on Papa Geek. (Also read Geeks on Call Franchisees Sue Struggling Franchisor & Geeks On Call Franchisees Allege Their Franchisor is Breaking Law.)


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